Importing Vehicles.


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Does anyone here know what would be involved in transporting vehicles over here from the US?

I have a connection that can deliver them to pretty much any port on the East Coast of America, but ideally would like to get them bought to Pompey or Southampton as they would be Trade Plated back to premises.

Would be looking to do 15-20 cars at a time, to make the transportation in the US viable.

Any advice??
I imported my car from the US back in Septemper 2002.
I contacted many shipping agencies, some didn't know the length of a Trans-Am so couldn't give a quote, some gave me a quote 3 months later which was ofcourse useless as the car was already here by then.
It cost me $700 for shipping, the company was Walaneus (how ever its spelt) i have documents at home still.
It went from Pensacola in Florida to Jacksonville, then on a ship for 2 weeks. This company sorted it all out for me. It was hassle free.
Many other quotes were higher.
The do stipulate the car must be drivable, as they drive it onto the boat.
It arrived in Southampton docks. I got a call from the Customs part of the docks. I knew there would be a customs charge. For me it was the 10% of the Vehicles Value including shipping. Then VAT on top. So about ?4k.

For older cars, the 10% dosn't apply.

Then you need to get the cars though an SVA test, so you can assign a number plate to it over here.
The SVA, looks at things like light placements etc... You can pass an SVA with bald tyres, buy they must have a speed rating for the car, and have an E mark on them. They asked what speed my car could do, I said 155mph as that's what the clock went up to. It failed the tyre speed test as the tyres were 149mph. However I later found it was limited to 140mph.

If your car is over 10 years old. I think you get away without the SVA test.
Thanks Dan, sounds Ideal. The cars are coming from Florida, so Jacksonville is perfect.

Most of the cars are 70's/80's sports and saloons, all in roadworthyish condition and valued in the US as 'under $1000' for tax purposes.

I can see 'Solent Renegades Car Sales' in the future.....
Yeah, sounds like a good plan. Feel free to post them in the Items/Cars for sale section.
No doubt if I pull this one off you will be seeing them at club nights and shows in the future. Already looking at a unit on the airport for storing/selling from.
Good luck to you, this time next year you could be a millionaire.

If I can help in anyway, just let me know.
Hey i am happy to go to Florida for you Krys and drive them onto the boats - no problem!!!!
Hey i am happy to go to Florida for you Krys and drive them onto the boats - no problem!!!!

I'm sure nanny Jan won't mind looking after the little one.
I will be involved, but it is my friend that owns them.

He has been living in the US for about 5 years and has accumulated a collection of around 300 cars, buying accident damaged and generally unwanted/unused vehicles, he is planning on sending some of them here and me selling them on, then send some cash back to buy more, and so on.

As long as I can scam a couple of motors out of it, all should be good.

Trace, I can just see you in a AMC Pacer.....
So long as its in baby blue with little flames coming out from the front wheels ;)

Hi, I specialise in sorcing and importing cars from the USA and would be more than happy to help/advice you on bringing the cars back to the UK.