Looking for a 1971 Dodge Challenger


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Hello there,

I am reasonably new to this whole forum business but I shall give it a crack.

The 71’ Challenger has always been at the paramount of my classic car interest and I have always endeavoured to get hold of one.

My beautiful grandmother unfortunately recently passed away under untimely circumstances leaving me in the financial position to acquire a Challenger, which I hope to name “Catherine” in the name of her memory.

I have recently turned 17 and am learning to drive. However, my experience with locating/procuring a classic car of this type is very limited, which is why I opted to reach out here to all of you far more adept ladies and gents in this field.

I would be looking for specifications as follows:

- 1971 of any model variant
- power steering/aircon
- radio
- 383 V8 engine or larger
- ideally black interior/exterior but willing to flex

Thank you all for any insight you may have into such a matter, any help/direction will be appreciated to no end.

Many thanks,

Hi Patrick, thanks for posting. Those cars are rare, I can see why you like them. Very nice indeed.
Most of us are based in the UK so hardly see 70's chargers or challengers. I don't know of any that are up for sale.

Good luck in your search.
Hi, have you considered the insurance due to your age you my or my not get insured on it, also lack of driving an American vehicles have you seen any cars yet or event been to any American car events ie wheelsday? there are a couple of challengers along the south coast , also maintaining , the car there is a cost factor also repairs would family help or would it be at garage rates? its good to see the younger generation taking an interest in these cars, good luck in your search remember these cars are rear wheel drive a lot more power and torque than some of todays cars and be very different to the car you would be learning to drive in, be careful you might get hooked and end up owning more than one like a few of us on here,,,
Hi Patrick,

Try putting a copy of your message above on the Mopar Muscle Association Forum...


Also have a looky here for some ideas etc

Challengers for sale

I wish I still had my '73 Chally 🙈

It may take sometime to find the right one 👍