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  • spot the differences

    orange lights on camero
    door handle missin
    pymamid bit of roof missin
    cloud missin by street light
    big top thing is blue not red
    missin leaflet under the car
    tax disc on ford pop missin
    shadow under rear of camero is diff
    the dc is missin off number plate
    person missin on other side of mini
    sec guard throu window is missin

    thats me done

    matt lol
    Yeah its like that on the posts but when you are listed on the 'whose online' bit at the bottom its just a cross (cos we are friends). Its only cos i clicked on it that it brought me to your profile hence how i knew it was you. :)
    Yeah, it's supposed to be white with a purple glow around it, but it doesn't appear to work in internet explorer. looks good on the iphone :lol:

    I'll have to change it so that i'm no longer a ghost ;)
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