white wall tyres


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any one no where a can get some new white wall tyres

i orderd some of north hants tyres web site and wasted a day sat in and yea did did not come called them tha have non in it be the end of the mouth b4 tha have some grrrrr
That was who I was gonna suggest. Cant think of any where else at the mo.
Get some normal ones and paint a white stripe round em. haha!!! its late and i am tired now!!
Hi Mason

Have you thought of white wall tyre flaps,thats what i use and they look Superb!.North Hants Tyres should have these in stock failing that when im in at work on Monday i will have alook for you.Paul at Pauls Place will soon be able to supply tyres at competetive prices.Always worth enquiring,anything for your car ask Paul or myself,Pauls Place is your one stop shop for all your servicing and tuning parts to keep your pride and joy where it belongs on the road.

Beware, Secret Squirrels in lycra there right under your nose!

cool thx all i can find is 235/70VR-15 CR11B TURBOSTEEL WHITE WALL prices from ?151 to 179 each looking at the factry info my car has 225.70.15 so i dont no what to do now lol