Parking Rowlands castle


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I walk aunties dog in Rowlands castle, she lives the next road along from the train station.
Parking in the pub the other side of the traintrack(behind the brick wall on the right) has numbe plate recognition as they are annoyed of their car park being full and no customers.
People have now started abandoing cars anywhere. Never seen them park here before to get out and walk their dogs. Okay it dosn't have double yellow that side of the road, but its not a great place to park on a bend before a junction.

As i was walking past an ederly person in a car did clip the wing mirror o the silver ford.

Busses are running today, I marked in green where the busses go. and these are the full sized busses to. They need both sides of the road to get around. Certainly going to cause a blockage by people abondoning cars there.

Woods was hugely busy today, End of december I would see 2 dogs on a 4 mile walk. today, I lost count, almost every junction in the woods there was more and more poeple out with dogs. I'd say more like 30 dogs I saw today. Are they all trying to get their steps in for their new years rosolution?
Can't get my bearings from your map is that near the hardwear shop and little layby by the parade of shops used to be a bank there.. Can't remember what van I had back than but was a pain back in them days.
Photo taken on the corner of the coffee shop, behind me is the paper/food shop to the right of that shop is the hardware store. There is a crossing outside the shop people park on that too, mainly elderly or german car drivers.