Little play at the traffic lights.


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Well there was a Ford Focus ST next to me at the lights. So it was tempting to have a play. I let him pull away a bit to see if he wanted to play. Then I gave it a bit of right foot up to the speed limit. The sun was going down the the video is a little poor.
Notice in the right of the screen before the lights change you see a 4x4 police car :mod:.

Sounds is pretty good, certainly hear the rumble. :car:
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Haha, lets be honest, that little fiesta wouldn't stand a chance (it's a Ford afterall ;))

Got fed up of not being able to hear it so had to switch over to my linux machine (my own personal PC at work) as that one works ok. Sounds great :)
'Come on whats wrong with FORD's........'

As you say sounded good.
I'm sure Darren was referring to the little UK Fords.
Sounds like you have a collection of cars as well as stereos. :biggrin1:
You must have loads of space. there's me looking for a house where I can park 2 cars. Not many places about in the price range unless I go for 'Havant' lol, estate agents listing things as Bedhampton or Havant, yet the house is on the main road though the centre of Leigh Park.
I do have my eye on one particular house that I have put an offer in, hoping I get mine sold again quick.
Yeah I got a bit of a collection! Running low at the moment at about 8 or 9, but intend to get back to a 'normal' 15-20 by the summer.

I have a friend who lives just across from Asda entrance, he has been 'Leigh Park' for more than 20 years, last year the boundries changed and he is now in Bedhampton, council tax has shot up too!!