New sound from the TransAm on starting

Keep up the good work beats sitting at a computer and working from home lol.šŸ¤£.
Keep up the good work beats sitting at a computer and working from home lol.šŸ¤£.
lol, yep. Back to the screens for now though. T/A after 6pm. I do have a work meeting around 10.30pm.
Made some progress. The k-Member is now joined to the chassis.

What if I told you it was the starter motor?
No spark plugs in. Starter turns the engine, no noises
4 spark plugs in, there is a real bang from the starter, jumping teeth, shaking the car.

Removed the starter, one of the two bolt fixings is snapped.

I have a spare old one in the loft. Fitted the old one. Just clicks though. Can I transfer the case?

Was going well. Then 4 brushes wanted to show themselves and not go back in the holes.
Had to make a tool to get them in.

So 4 plugs are in, 4 injectors wired up. Will it start? Will oil pressure build?

Sounds good to me.

Now to get everything back together. So it was this all along. Chuffed it's found, annoying soo much came off the car. It was odd that "plugs out" there was no noise, so ended up looking at the bottom end.
Well, at least you know the rest of the engine is good for another two hundred miles or so (He He).
Ordered a new starter. You may think well why do that if the one I have is working. Well I was lucky to have a spare in the loft this time that I could raid parts from. So this new starter is to keep as a spare should the frankenstein one fail.
Found a rock auto discount code too.
Power steering pipes on. Tightened k-Member bolts while I was under there. Got tracking closer.

Next it to assemble bits in the engine bay.

Steering rack and pipes came with a power steering filter. Didn't have a filter before, but I do now.


Everything attached now. Just fluids to add, also much remember to connect the steering wheel to the rack. Due to the steering u-joints I'm going to need to loosen the rack for a wiggle session.
some steering units the filter is built into the reservoir you cracking on with it well done,,
Steering rack connected. The interface to the steering column is U shaped, so can only go one way. However bits 180 compared to the previous rack. Not enough threads to safely extend the track rod end to get it correct.

Plan it to use take the steering wheel off and align it correctly.

Made a tracking bar to get it pretty close. Atleast I can drive it until I get the tracking done properly.

Wheel upside down. Lol.

Got it running. No charge from the alternator. Checked connections, all tight.

Unplugged the 4 pin connector with only 1 wire. The crimp has been pushed through, probably got caught on the pin as it went in. Tried to push the crimp in. Wire was on a few threads anyway.

So need to attach a wire







Charging now
Took the car for a test drive at 9.30 to get fuel. All good. Dur to that steering wheel on silicon I can't easily see the charge voltage or oil pressure.

Got back, gave it a clean ready for tomorrow

Then popped it on charge to make sure all topped up.
well done alll ways extras to do things happen , PITA when they do,
Start motor arriving today. Although the one in the car is working, its always great to have a spare on the shelf (loft)

It was great tinkering with bits on the car. A bit of a rush to get it done for the show.

I will be sorting out the steering wheel over the next week. While I have been trying to get the car working, all my evening work has backed up, so need to get some of that done.

I also need to generate some content for the site, like a write up for the Start of Season show, also may write an Article type think to summerize the noise in the car being the starter. Also something about the steering rack and alternator. Its all stuff someone could search for and end up on our site and it being useful for someone.
New starter is here and I got a magnet.
Went for the best model they had, the Gold model was advertised as stronger than their mid range AC Delco starter. The engine has higher compression, and probably didn't help the failure of the previous starter housing.


It's a shame others don't post about their vechiles they all can't be 100 %.
That's toooooo shiny that starter motor lol.šŸ¤£. Yes you done alot to car to get ready for start of season.
Fitted the new starter. Sounds different when starting. More like a supercharger whizzy sound.

Also looked at the 180degree out steering wheel. That linkage only fits that rack one way. That happened to be way out.
Steering linkage. The steering column on the top, rack connects at that bottom.

The photo below is the steering column connection. See on the left it's flatter on the inside that the right, this is what is stopping it being fitted 180.


So time for the Dremel. Plenty of meat on the metal.

Slides on fine now.

Added thread lock to secure the bolt

Now steering wheel straight while wheels are straight. I'll get tracking done