EGR valve removal - SBC


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I want to get rid of my EGR valve to put a stop to the intake and head passageways crudding up.

Hopefully soon I'll be getting a new intake manifold, probably an Edelbrock performer 2101, which has no provisions for an EGR valve. Will I need to install a plate on the block to block the EGR port off, or will simply bolting this manifold on block it off for me?

Also, does anyone know if removing the vacuum hose will lock the EGR open or closed? If it's closed I may disconnect that until I get my new manifold sorted out.
Although my car is a different, age. i did get rid of my EGR valve, had to do a little idel tuning for cold and hot starts. I purchased some long tube headers and removed the EGR pipe, and purchased a new intake with no EGR hole (unless i drilled one) So I am EGR free. I'd say plate off the exhaust and plate off the intake, and chuck the EGR, you may need some tweaking of the carb though.