Banks closing what a PITA

Was he reading a book?

The ones I saw were collecting for 'Downs' and were in the shop foyer. Obviously had permission to be there.
No, it was a lady, outside of asda with a metal bowl for collecting money.

More and more shops around here are asking for cash payments now (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) They dont want the rip of prices of the PDQ machines and all the hassle that goes with it,

Couple of weeks ago i was getting an ice-cream person in front had no cash wanted to pay with his phone lucky is wife/partner had some cash ,

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I'm pretty sure that the Shopkeeper/Pub keeper (Whoever) is charged for every card payment/transaction which makes sense to accept cash as the best option.

Don't know if its a fixed rate or percentage based.
Wonder how much the PPI stuff had an effect on the banks closing. I know it was a few years ago. It must have been millions that banks paid out. I guess anytihng that causes the banks to loose money, forces banks to cut back spending, cut wages and amount of branches open.

Then it makes me worder how much the 'desel claim' stuff is going to effect the car manufacturing all becsaue a person will say they didn't know deisel was dirty and make up some story that its effected their life since they brought the car and get compensation from it. Will prices of cars shoot up. Next there will be claim places going after car manfucaturers when battery cars cant do the range they claim to do.
It used to be Credit Card transactions were charged, but Debits were not. Guess thats changed.

Was in a takeaway last night and no card payments accepted for purchase under £15.
Got a coffee from a shop in port solent. A sign on the counter saying they Do Not accept cash.
was it expensive ?? is there any banks for them to deposit their cash ?? building society's are getting more busy due to banks closing

about bloody time PITA THE SELF SERVICE TILLS , so when are the banks returning to the high street with people behind the counter
A coffee shop in Poole.
Looks like Starbucks have lost a customer then 👍.
Cash is king. 👍👍

that why their coffee is more expensive to cover the credit card machine charges
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Banks don't care about their customers. To reliant on computers.
Popped to the local Indian earlier. They prefer cash. Actually you can't pay by card even if you wanted to.
Last few times I went to my local Indian I ask 'Card or cash' and they say either. However, due to the poor quality of food I no longer go there!

Going off thread slightly here but good point anyway. (Maybe restaurants could be a good new post?)
WTF. So they couldn't find a smaller premises? Some banks have closed due to the lease expired understand they don't want the big buildings anymore sure they could find a smaller property in the high street due to a lot of shops have closed.

What's next? People hi jacking these vans for the potential cash they will be traveling with like they do with smash and crab cash machines