Winter is a coming!


Club co ordinator
We are beginning to come to the end of the season and those dark and dreary winter months are looming upon us. Do we start the breakfast runs in November? If so where and when do you want to go. The 3rd Sunday in November is the 18th. If you also want to do anything else such as bowling or skittles then please let me know and i will happily arrange it.
Yay Jennie you wrote your very first post well done :)
I vote BOWLING! Gives me an excuse to whip out me bowling ball :D
Bowling is always a good one, indoors etc.. We use to meet at the Bowling place in Bedhampton many many years ago.
Havn't been bowling for almost a year. I seem to be better after a few drinks. I'm bit concerned about the competition Neo will be, as if she has her own ball she must be good.:juggle:
Well then, I say its a good idea (considering the weather these days).

Me? Competition?! HA! We'll just have to see :car: