PS3 steering wheels on PS4


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Will all your existing peripherals for the PS3 work on the PS4, or will they do what Apple do, and change everything between an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 like the docking station to make you buy them all again. Well I would hope that Sony have some noodle, and look after gamers. So I started a search to see if it has come up in any of the talks that have been going on recently.

Col Rodgers, Game Director on upcoming PS4 racing game DriveClub, has confirmed all current commercial racing wheels compatible with PlayStation 3 will also be fully compatible with PlayStation 4.

Full article on PS3 steering wheels on the PS4

So this is brilliant news. As I have a fancy steering wheel, and my PS3 died shortly after getting it, so I'm holding out for the PS4.
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You better start saving then :)

And I'm so happy that wheel will work, it wasn't cheap!