Loud Shirt Bowling Night


Club co ordinator
Last night at club we discussed that we would go bowling on Oct 16th however due to a large majority of members not being around that weekend (We are all in Teignmouth) Superb and i have thought we better leave it until November as so much is already happening in October. Therefore a revised date of Saturday 13th November has been scheduled as a provisional date. Can you please advise if this date is ok with you.

It will be at the AMF in Bedhampton and in the next coming weeks i will require a 5.00 deposit per person and will reserve 5 lanes.

Of course the attire for the evening will be the louder the shirt the better. Ladies by all means you too can wear your loud shirts.
That date is much better for me.
Hi Renegades

Another event not to be missed, our loud shirt bowling nites are legendary, good shout Trace for posting this one.Hopefully the revised date means we have something to do in November, we like to keep you Renegades busy.Please let Trace or me know if the dates ok and if you can start paying your deposits ASAP,that would be Superb!!b

Bowling for soup is that a band or was that required to get passed the clangers soup dragon!! You decide! Superb!
Sounds good to me. Its one I dont want to miss.
yeh sounds good to me .

Date - Saturday 13th November
Time - 7pm
Cost - ?16.95 per person for platter pack OR ?10.70 No drink
Includes - 3 games bowling, 2 drinks (inc alcoholic) food platter OR 2 Games & food only (No drinks)

Please give deposit of ?5.00 per person to Tracey no later than Tuesday 26th October. Balance is payable on the night. Receipt will be given.

Dress code - The louder the shirt the better. This means you too girlies as we don't want to be left out do we!!!

If you don't wish to bowl but still want to come along by all means do so. No deposit required and any food or drink will be payable on the day.:clap:
Thanks again Trace

Renegades you do not want to miss this we always have a Superb! time bowling so book up now to save being disapointed.Dont forget those ridiculously loud shirts.

Cheers Superb!
How many of us are going to the bowling night? Looking forward to it, found my shirt. Ready to go, if i had my own ball it would be clean and shiny ready to go. Only a couple of weeks to go.:bump2:
Haha!! Dan if i was bowling i would so be on your team but i am just coming along to watch and drink with Jo & mum. Its Jo's birthday the same day.
I have been and paid the deposits yesterday of 175.00 and have attached the receipt. Click on the pic and it will be larger and you will be ale to read it.
At last count there are 42 of us going with 7 not bowling so thats a fantastic number i reckon. I have yet to find a loud shirt however i do have a Mustang bowling short i brought over from Oz so may where that or pinch one of H's!!!

Bowling Deposit Receipt 271010 001.jpg
Wow, 42 of us. thats gonna be like 6-8 lanes. Brilliant. My last itme I went bowling I done resonably okay, that dosn't mean that score will ever happen again, was a fluke I reckons. I found a left handed ball.
Should be a great evening. to be honest i have never been to a club bowling night in all the years i have been with the club. How odd is that..... well not gonna miss out on this one.
hey i'm in . took the lil ones for a practice on sunday . and got beat by a 4 and 6 year old . so not lookin good for me
hey i'm in . took the lil ones for a practice on sunday . and got beat by a 4 and 6 year old . so not lookin good for me
Well if they have a loud shirt, perhaps they could step in for ya. :lol:
Yeah, should be good fun. I am pretty rubbish at it too though. Maybe we can go for "lowest score wins" haaa
If i was bowling i would so be the winner as i am utter rubbish at it hence i am going to take photos :)
If i was bowling i would so be the winner as i am utter rubbish at it hence i am going to take photos :)

Good idea, photos could be good, we could create an aritcle about the evening on the front page.
i'm in team for rubbish bowlers
Mmmm, I just got back from AMF, what a joke. Thought i should have a practice as i don't want to go off down the alley with my fingers still stuck in the ball on the bowling night. I think i better join the rubbish team too. Was a very sad affair i just laughed most of the time!