Hi From F150 Cowboy


F150 cowboy

Howdy Renegades

Just wonted to say a Big Howdy to all the Renegades that now and remumber me Daran the F150 cowboy!
Hope you are all well and driving them big V8s round Portsmouth/Hampshire. I do miss you all hope to be back oneday and see you all. I'm off to Texas at the weekend should see some F150s over there he! he!

Anyway all the best to Y'all keep driving and God Bless the USA.

Daran F150 Cowboy (Cornwall:cowboy:
Have a good time in Texas, Good to see you back on here. Safe trip.
Hey Daran good to hear from you hun. We miss you too and would be good to catch up if you are ever in these parts.
Have a fab time in Texas. That is the place for you to be for sure but make sure you come back lol!!
When you come back bring some of the Texas sun with ya.