Finally got my rear end sorted


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Yesterday, myself and a mechanic spent 4 hours under the car. Took out the old half shafts, put in new bearings and seals. Got the new Moser halfshafts in and pressed in the studs. Adjusted the pinion as it was whining a bit. All working well, took it out for a spin and the noise has gone.
The main trouble we had thas getting out the old bearings, as even with a slide hammer it just wasn't working. In the end I used a pulley puller and a slide hammer to get them buggers out, took some time though.
Gave it some beans at the traffic lights, and all held together. Had a problem getting of the locking wheel nuts as Denmead Tyres damaged the key, the gave me a replacement key but it didn't work too well. Think I best get a new set of locking wheel nuts.
Glad to get rid of that whining noise.:winkiss:
That's great Dan. Glad you managed to get that sorted.
Nice one Dan, But how did you hear the whining above the exhaust note. we were at least 1/2 mile behind you on tuesday and your exhaust was still LOUD.
Well funny enough the whine didn't happen on accelration, it was only when slowing down and round a left hand bend.
I try to get away from the exhast sound by putting my foot down. Hope it wasn't an unpleasent sound.