Wuring sound from the rear


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I have an odd sound coming from the rear of the car, seems to be loudest at around 70mph, its certainly coming from the rear, not narrowd it down to a side yet, it could be the middle.
I was thinking possible wheel bearing, if I come off the gas the sound isn't as loud. So makes me think its not the wheel bearing.Probably rear diff, have has Paul check the oil and all is good.
How do I narrow it down further apart from leaping into the back of the car while doing 70?
Lay in the trunk and let someone else drive it at seventy :D. (If they can drive your car that slow :eek: .)
i think i know what the problem is now. I was checking last years mot to see what advisory i had on some rear rubber bushings i needed to change it was sway bar bushings. And noticed the other advisory of rear wheel bearings, both sides. I didn.t act on it due to planning on getting a different rear end. So this wurring sound is wheel bearings. I have new ones for one side, will order a set for the other side tommorow.
Didn't take my advice then eh! Seriously though, a lot of people look for more power from the engine but fail to consider the brake system or the rear axle to cope with the extra horses.
The rear wheel bearing on the drivers side was replaced March 2003, it has had some beating and around 67,000 miles. I brought one for the other side at the same time but didn't fit it, as it was good anyway. Brakes were upgraded early on in the upgrade list, along with braided brake lines, with the increased acceleration I wanted the increased deceleration. I know the rear axel will pop at some point if I can get grip, I have been looking at complete rear ends. I think for now I will just change the bearings and look at a new rear end some other time.