What would make all your dreams come true??


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If money was no object, and you could have anything, do anything or be anything what would make all your dreams come true??
One thing that would really make me happy is buying Sarah a 69 camaro, and having somewhere secure and dry to park it.
Well, one of my dreams came true nearly 3 weeks ago when a certain little man came into our lives, so my dream would be that he is happy safe and does well in whatever he chooses to do in later life. Also a nice little shelby mustang wouldnt go amiss lol xx Hope everyones dreams come true for them xxx
A massive garage to store all my cars in that I'd be able to afford, including this one...


...a 1969 Chevy Camaro RS SS :D

I'd like 1 corner to have a lift or a pit to make working on the cars and bikes easier and a spray booth in the other corner would be nice too.
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mmmm i'd love a 69 charger and 76 firebird .... and be part of an awesome car club with some great friends...... hang on ........ i 've already got that bit .. just a pretty wife and well behaved kids to hope for pmsl ~(now i'm in trouble )
Lol, you will be in trouble for that one Matt.
yup . just sit back and wait for it lol
A nice house for my family to live in, a garage/workshop big enough for BM, a '67 Ford LTD and a few other toys, and a bit of cash to get my business running properly.