Waterlooville Car Show


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Just recieved a letter from Havant Council. This years Waterlooville car show is on Saturday July 3rd. I was away last year, did we enter as a club last year?
We pulled in from the Heros entrance last time after meeting up the hill. I didn't apply for a pre-entry ticket, perhaps someone gave me one from meeting up the hill. Not sure if you need to pre-enter.
Was a good turnout last year, and Jan shined up my exhaust pipes showing how good the chrome cleaner is that she had. So if you time it right she may do more cars this year.
Should have added that I recieved an entry form as well.......


.........However, I am sure that one year Superb booked us in as a club
Yes i think you are right Chris, he did book us in as a club so if no one has any objections i will give Jeff a call and book us in again. We should really have a discussion on Tuesday about up and coming events so that the new members (and old ones too) know whats coming up.

P.s. Mum's gonna love you Dan making her work hard while at the shows!! Love it :)
OK i have actually emailed Jeff and waiting to get a reply. Will advise you when i do.
Ok update received from Debbie @ Havant council and she has advised that she sent all the forms out to our members that attended last year. If you have received one then if you could send it back with your details she will then let me know who has done this and will send passes to those that haven't got one. New members & myself don'tt have one - i moved!!!

If you are attending this event then can you please let me know so that i can give her a rough idea of numbers.

Thanks T x
I'm up for it. I'll bring a cusion for Jans knees for when she does that polishing trick, was so impressed with the trick before I must see it again. :tt2:

Count me in for the show.
I should be OK for this one, I will send my form off tomorrow.
Howdy Trace
I will be there, I did attend last year but I haven't been sent a form.
Daran. F150
OK well Debbie will send me some extra passes through when the time comes so you can have one of them.
well all you people wantin the polishin done ill have to get some more polish for this year, its good stuff ill give mummy jan some more and new cloths lol, yeh ill be there to
I aint going, sounds like it will be a long day ha ha !!!:Rasberry:
Sorry mum you gotta go as your name is on the list now. For all of you that haven't yet advised me if you are going or not i will need the following details from you so you get booked in.

Post Code:
Phone No:
Details of Exhibit: Car
Type etc:
Registration No :

I will then pass on to the organisers.

im up for it il send my Registration No : to you
If you haven't done so already and wish to go to this show then please let me have your details (as above) to pass to the organisers. Darren (Nova) are you coming to this? if not sure yet i will have some spare passes if you want to decide on the day. I have requested sunshine and smiles all day so should be a good one!!

Last year we had a really good day out as when the show finished we then went for a cruise to Whiteley and then back to Southsea to the Dday museum to see the kiddie cruisers!!! Anyone up for another cruise and a bite to eat after this show? (weather permitting - i don't always get what i ask for!!)
Pretty sure I sent a form off but will e-mail my particulars to you just in case.
Trace, I am interested in doing this, but may not be able to make it. For 1, I really should be practicing for Sonisphere because I have been a bit slack lately and 2, I might have to work in London that weekend. If I'm not working, I come to the show and sneak off for an hour to do a bit of practice as I work just the other side of the road from the heroes pub, and I keep a bass at work. Problem is I won't know about the work situation until probably the later part of next week.
Thats perfectly ok Darren as i will have spare passes so you can just turn up on the day if you not sure whats going to happen yet.

So you play bass eh? H, my hubby, is learning at the moment but like you trying to find the time to practice is hard. However you probably know more than him as he only got it at Christmas thanks to his truly wonderful wife - me!!!