watching the sky tonight


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ment to be metorites skimming the atmosphere tonight, shooting stars around 10.30pm tonight. So im up the hill and guess what Cloud!!!
Oh well....
We sat in our back garden, god is my neck stiff this morning, but we did see some, superb reckons he saw the Sputnick !!
We didn't like to tell him it was actually the 10:30pm to Magaluf!!!!!! Bless x
lol, isn't Sputnick on its way to Pluto, if so it may be hard to spot that one, although I may have my names muddles up a little.

I didn't get to see any shooting starts, got the prime position up the hill and cloud came over. :O(, I couldn't believe how many cars were up the hill, wasn't many parking spaces left, cars parking in front of others.
Nanu Nanu!

Greetings from planet Superb!! no meterites up hear,only us chickens!!! Oh and the odd Sputnik and Secret Squirrels in Lycra,you know the overcoat and big trilby hat type.Superb!!!

To boldly go where no Squirrel in Lycra has been before!!

Steve I reckon for the Nationals you should get a squirrel outfit and wear Lycra over the top.
Where on earth would you get that from?
Hi Dan and Trace,

Dont tempt me,Lol, i will see what i can do on the Squirrel thing,any long standing Renegade members can cast there mind back to the days of Thorney Island and me,Superb! on board a three wheeler invalid carriage dressed in my Superb!man outfit leaning over the front in my flying position shouting only meeeeeeee and Tally Ho will by now be scarred for life.

Tally Ho Chocks Away.

For those of you that haven't seen Steve in his superman outfit. I've just dug this up from the archives.
Ha ha , we also remember Steve running thru the new forest at night in his costume whispering we chasing wabbits, then disappearing into a phone box shouting Im in a field , god happy days, xx
Then they need to be relived next weekend me thinks!!
Hi Renegades,

Oh mate! forgot about that one,fair play to you Dan for finding that one,that was a long time ago and possibly the nite i sindged the bottom of my cape on a BBQ.Lol, mate! i was Shmoking!!!

Miss out on a Renegades show i would rather stick my head in a wasps nest!!!!