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All the brakes are now fitted and plumed in. The engine now has water All the fuel lines are done. Most of the wiring is loomed up. The entire interior is in including the seats and belts. Tomorrow I'm going to set the lash and fill it with oil and maybe just maybe try to fire it up.
Engine is full of oil and primed. Valve lash is set. Brakes are now bleed and I finished of the tunnel along with the shifter.
Another couple of days of progress. I had the engine turning over and making good oil pressure. We put some fuel in 1 little leak. The back axle is in and a base setting was used on the 4 link. I have found 1 issue that needs sorting and that is the weight of the brake pedal activates the brake and you can't move the car.
Tomorrow I'm off to the post office I have a parcel; I hope it?s my new crew shirts and fleeces. Tomorrow's plan is to finish the hand brake and fit the silencers, set the timing and maybe try to fire it up fingers crossed.
At last. The car has finally made some noise. After checking the ignition and spark, it fired into life without any effort at all. We had it ticking over for a good couple of minutes before switching it off. No leaks good oil pressure. I must be getting old or deaf as it didn't seem as loud as it use too but I'll leave that to the neighbors to decide.
Thats great progress Ron, is this a complety new engine?
I heard you were giving the car a new colour, what colour did you go for?
Alright Ron. Sounds good. Will i be getting a crew shirt this year? I should hopefully be up a bit more but not every race
Could you post a picture of the new paint job? The colour in the tin looked sweet. And the crew shirts look cool aswell, Dad showed me the pic you sent him on his phone.