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THE PAINT SHOP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, automotive body repairs,, custom spraying,, scratches, dents, Welding

Well i have taken over Pauls paintshop from the 1st of May as he has got so busy with engines that he does not have the time to run it.
I have had over 25 years experience in car body work, my prices are competative i cover all vehicles from English classic and American cars, hot rods, and modern cars.

I am at Unit 3 Culverlands Corner, Winchester Road, Shedfield, Southampton, SO32 2JF i am awaiting a landline number to be connected but you can call me on my mobile on 07798930154 or pop in to see me,, next door to (Pauls Place)

Sweeeeet, might have some work for you when I have saved my pennies!!
That's great news Pete.
Hope you had a good holiday, welcome back to the wet stuff.

I created an 'article' for this Pete, it appears under the Club Trades on the home page. hope this helps drive business your way. When you want to add photos or change the write up just let me know, its basically a copy of the forum post at the moment.
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good new pete
Good luck Pete. Get yer paint on!

Hmm D you could always do a bit of moon lighting with Pete cos those flames are fab :)

Brill news Petey i know it will be a success and will spread the word. Really happy as you are only next door now so not far to take Bazza!! x
Yes good luck with new venture, remember no b+q paint or rollers:laugh:

Nice paint job by the way daren is that for the nova??
thanks guys n dolls///// well ill do my best to keep it going for a discount push some work my way :dance: also darren nice flames,,,,,,,, need a sign (banner) for front of workshop hint hint lol:flame:
Yeah, it's a mini bonnet. It's good for practice, though so far that's the only practice I've done :lol: My new air brush arrived today (to do metal flake stars on Maddie's pushbike), so I'll probably sand the bonnet back and try again at some point soon. The flames look ok from that angle, but from the front they're awful. I had to lay it all by eye so they're not at all symmetrical and I need more practice at pulling the flames in the first place as there are quite a few that are too thin. Nah, I'll have a quick practice at pin-striping, then it's getting sanded down. When I did the boat I cheated and used a pre-drawn template. In the end I'd like to be able to do stuff like real flame, anything that doesn't involve too much artistic skill really, as I'm very much lacking in that.

Pete, I'm sure we can sort something out ;)