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Has anyone seen or heard from Supeb, or maybe he has just gone to the Planet Soups to get away from the bad weather, after all its always sunny on his planet.:cool:
The last time i head from Superb was the night of the cancelled club night. Have sent a text message to superb a couple of hours ago. When I hear something I'll let you know.
Have just heard from Steve, all is okay. He has taken his son to play tennis, he said he will try to pop online later on.
Hopefulluy Supes has been rebuilding his 73 and not had time to be on here:D.
Yeah and on his planet they have flying piggys !!!! Love ya really Soups, get in touch missing you !!!!:Rasberry:
Hi Renegades

Just returned from planet Superb!! where it is always sunny. Sorry not been on forum of late been a bit snowed in over in Hedge end and busy with work this weather is playing havoc with trying to get any work done.Thanks for your concerns, ive been a bit of a woose its too cold to go in the garage and attack the Mustang so will have to try and wrap up a bit more. I cant beleive this weather and as i was saying to Dan on Monday we have never cancelled a club nite in the whole ten years we have been going so am looking forward ton the next one to catch up with you all.Hope to see you at the breakfast run this coming Sunday weather permitting of course.

Tally Ho Chocks Away!! Superb!
Yeah!!!! Soups is back!! Glad you are ok darlin, hopefully will see you Sunday, am going stir crazy being home all the time, wont take Colin out in these icy conditions so am walking a lot !!Take care keep warm and safe, love to Dee and kids xxxx:cool:
Hi Renegades

Yes we are venturing down to Bayside Cafe in stokes bay, i called them today to remind them we are coming and ask how the carpark was. I have reserved the top seating area of the cafe so have this all to ourselves.The car park is good at the mo and snow free,i look forward to seeing you there.

Tally Ho Chocks Away!!

Well we will probably be there but not in Bazza as too much grit on the roads so will be in our classic ----- rover!!!!! See you Sunday guys and gals x