Southsea Cruise - August 2010


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My other half shot some video on her phone, so I mashed something together quickly ;)[video=youtube;VJ8yJZBLv9A][/video]
Cool Vid Darren... Heres mine!!!!![video=youtube;Dh0bpmylvj0][/video]
nice one m8
Got some nice video from behind as they pulled away from the junction on Spice Island. Just need to work out how to edit it nearly 1 gig of hi-res video.....Anybody know any good free programmes?

Nice video, you got there up quick. Spotted me at 3:45.:eeek:
I am so loving the music this month and was really good to see it from inside Darren's car too. I evenly squealed out a little hehe!! Mum will feel so special that you gave her a special mention too. Cheers Al & Darren (Actually Maddie for keeping the phone straight while Darren drove round the corner!!)
I am gonna practice me drifting for the next one me thinks hehe!!
yeah, go for it. Get that backside swinging.
Theres plenty of it to swing hun - oh the car you mean ;)
Just make sure you practice it first Trace, i nearly had my legs broke by a Lotus Carlton this month!!!!!!
I am surprised that Cosworth in front of me didn't wipe you out cos he did a burn out on every corner. People like that can get us shut down.


Plus i don't trust myself to do silly things like that and as you say Al i need to do some serious practicing first.
Big turnout, great cruise and some good videos! Well done Darren and Funbus !!

Not wanting to be a party pooper, as I must admit to dropping the clutch a bit sharpish myself when pulling out of there, but Trace has made a good point about burnouts and drifting guys. We should cool it a bit. We would all be gutted if the cruise were stopped...or if someone lost it and the worst happened!! Look at the nipper with his dad on bikes at 4:05 in Funbus' video. It made me think a bit...scary stuff!
nice vids one day il get too go
Hi Funbus

Fair play to you, you certainly know how to nail together a good video and im lovin the music, you certainly seem to be putting the Southsea Cruise on the map, well done. All you Renegades taking video keep up the good work am loving watching them all.

Perhaps at the next club meet would could discuss about putting Funbusses video's all together to create a 2010 season Southsea Cruise DVD.Let me know what you think.

Cheers Superb!!
A DVD sounds like a great idea. They done that at Guildford cruise years ago. I thought that was a nice touch.
Thanks for the offer, its sounds like a plan.