Solent Renegades Season Opener


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Thorney Island is a good venue, I beleive the Victory Wheelers were paying £40k for that event and the MOD kept putting the prices up. The trouble is the gamble of money, pre-sales may be able to make funds. If its rained off, someone looses money as expenses still need to be paid. Any event is going to cost money, even if you get a free field, you still need to hire loo's and pay insurance.
Absolutely Dan. A huge venue would mean a much a increased cost risk for the club plus loads more prep. Also, I think part of the appeal of our current show format is the free entry for show cars and spectators. Yes, the Farmhouse car park gets cramped, but everyone knows the score by now and we've had minimal issues with lock-ins over the years. We handle that pretty well. And it's a wonderful idea suggesting speed runs, but that automatically means a massive venue and opens up a world of issues with regards to insurance and spectator safety.

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i would like to be 50 again

so would i LOL


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5 years to go for me. I see these adverts on TV for Saga holidays and over 50 live plans and I'm rapidly approaching that age.