Season Opener Show - Sun 17th April


Club co ordinator
Have looked for a thread for this but can't seem to find one so here it is!!!

Season Opener Show to be held at The Farmhouse Burrfields Road Portsmouth on

Sunday 17th April btw 1-6pm. Just turn up on the day.

It will also be our 1st Southsea Cruise of the season so come along and join us around Old Portsmouth.
I hope I get the car back on the road by then. Still no parts, I'm positively fuming, and will give them a call later. They have sent the parts again, but still not given me any tracking number or responding to my emails. The car is moveable, but with the noises its giving from the back, it could jam up.

I'll be at the show somehow. :) without or without the car.
I know what you mean. I have sat in for 2 days for some parts ordered the other day. Was told it would be yesterday or today and they can't be more specific. Plus we have ordered stuff from Real Steel 4 weeks ago and they are out of stock of the headers we are waiting for. It gets so frustrating as the season is upon us and we all want our cars on the road. Bazza didn't see much of last season so lets hope it won't be the same this year!!

I hope you get yours soon as that has been like forever it seems. I wouldn't use them again for sure!!
we ordered some bits for the van on Sunday from america, one arrived thurs and the other today x
what time you wont us there to help setup stuff
Can't believe your parts still haven't arrived Dan, that's terrible!
Mason - I will probably get there about 12ish and will need some people there earlier to stop cars coming in. Dave and Dell may be able to do this. I have spoken with Alex today and he has requested we sort the parking however he is going to speak with the Golf Club and tell them that none of the players can park in the top part of the car park. I also told him it might be better to close off the car park the night before. So what we need are some cones and metal chain if anyone has any that can be borrowed. Thanks.
i can be there any time
Hiya, the pub itself might have cones or similar they would probably lend us...
Unfortunately not Mark as it was them that have asked us if we can get hold of any. I will see if i can track anything down and if not they will just have to put chairs there or something.
P.S. If any of you want to get there earlier then by all means do so.
i will see if i can get some rope or some think and get there earlier and clean my car there
i know it's late, but i'm just gonna pop out to the main road and gather up the 6 cones i saw earlier ......
ha ha ha not really, it's too cold !
i know it's late, but i'm just gonna pop out to the main road and gather up the 6 cones i saw earlier ......
ha ha ha not really, it's too cold !
Its warmer today, so there is no excuse. The A27/A3(M) junction have loads of cones they wont be missing a couple.
I spotted a cone with legs, if only we could find more of these they may walk to our show.
Yeh, riiightt ! ........ wearing a dress? ! I think not !

Although, i have walked around with cones on my head .... but that was a while ago now !
Trace - On the subject of closing off the pub-end of the car park, I only live 10 minutes from the pub, so I can easily nip down and put out cones-rope-plastic chains if it helps, either the night before or early in the morning...(assuming we can get some cones from somewhere of course).
Also, what about a couple of signs?..I can make up a few laminated signs if you want...just indicating that part of the car park is closed for our event?
Just some suggestions. Would the pub be OK with that? What do you think? :unsure: