RLOD - Red Light of Death


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Some playstation experience a problem of the Red flashing light on power up after the first 5 seconds of trying to power up.

One way to try and get around this is tuning of the mains, hold down the eject button and then switch on at the mains. The fans should spin up at full speed for about 15 seconds, and your disc will eject. Then turn the main off, and power up in the usual way.

If this hasn't cleared the fault, which it didn't on mine. I stripped it down following this guide http://www.llamma.com/PS3/repair/PS3_disassembly_tutorial.htm, took out the main board and used a heat gun on the larger chips and the ram chips taking them to 200 deg C verified with an IR thermometer.
Waited for the whole board to cool down and re assembled the PS3.

Powered it up, and it all worked.