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Over the last few days there has been a huge increase in people signing up to the website.
Are they real people or not?, this takes time to find out.
With the huge increase of around 20 per day and all yesterday being spam bots it's taking time to filter through them.
Some are blocked anyway and not included in that 20. I have been trying another spam filter "Project Honey Pot" which has a lise if dodgy people.
It seems like a lot of people are connecting on VPN's to hide where they are.

Hopefully the wave of spam will slow down soon. I would hate to accidently decline a real user trying to sign up.
Over the last couple of weeks there had been a large surge in spammy signups. Each one I need to validate manually it was getting to that point of refusing like 30 a day. This is calming down a bit now to around 5 a day.

We have a stats panel on the admin section. Not really showing all the user registrations that I refused as that was a week earlier.

The refused people are showing as an Active users when they try again, but they can't post.

One user that shows up often is this one

Some interesting info in there, all the IP addresses they have used and other users using the same addresses. Perhaps a spam server doing all these random signups. As you can see the sign up was refused on the 6th Feb. Yet they still keep coming back, distorting the stats, as they are not real valid users

All good fun. Hoping for the day of an increase of real users. May need to shut down Facebook for that to happen.
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wonder why real onlookers to forum dont sign up and join in only the spamaolts lol,
The surge of spam signups has certainly declined. almost none since I change the Capcha method (you have to select puctures or a description, eg, click on photos of man made objects) this seem to have reduce the amount of bots signing up.

We should see a reduction in user registrations in the comming days. I'll post a new graph in a few days time.

Spam sign ups have certainly dropped.
For a new user to sign up they need to pass the questions to verify they are human.

So this was a great addition that is proving itself.