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one of my friends on facebook posted this note about petrol prices. so i copied it and posted it.
link here -> CLICK ME!

not too sure if it would work but its worth a shot :)
Good idea.
I only tend to buy petrol at Shell.
The part of the info saying forward it on to all your freinds any you will reach 300 million people. There are only about 60 million in England, so we will all receive it 5 times.
I remember that days of under 60p per litre. Less than a litre of Coke at the time.
the cheapest i ever remember it being is like 90p. im not really too sure if that would actually work. but i only use shell and jet anyway, so it wont effect me unless the prices do actually drop. so i thought id pass it on :)
How flippin'old am I? I can remember 58p per gallon, thats about 58p for 4.5 litres!The old MkIII Cortina used to run for a week on ?3.50! :LoveEyes:
you old git lol, well last i remember is 78p per gallon altho i think there maybe be some that can remember 2 shillings or there abouts lol, ?290 to fill up blackmagic now ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh that hurt lol
Oh my I can remember 2shillings and sixpence a gallon, 2quid and 2 shots in my little mini, and that was two star petrol !!!
When I got my first car (a mini too) I remember it was about a year Or 2 before 4 star was phased out and I think that was in the 60p a litre range? I'm sure a tank was about ?12, and I had the higher capacity mini fuel tank.
i havnt needed to fill up my fiesta yet (seeing as i can only drive it around the garden :() im not looking forward to doing it either haha.
I have a sure fire system to save you all petrol !!

When meeting up to cruise next time...One vehicle should tow the other to the meet and reverse the procedure on the return easy, I can see it now...ten car's towing ten cars..and within the law? Maybe the MPG will go up a little on the towing vehicle!!..but thats a small price to pay for fuel saved..

And you don't even have to buy me a advice to friends.

On the petrol price thing I have heard from a garage owner that the powers that be are going to be increasing the price by a penny a day for a week in the not to distant future WTF The garage's local to me have already gone from 1.28.9Ltr for petrol to 1.29.9 over this week end
I've heard that the price per barrel is going up because of the current trouble in the middle east, but also that the government are planning to add 5p a litre in the next budget. To be honest, boycotting 1 or 2 brands of petrol wouldn't lower the cost. For that to work literally no one in the country would be able to use those brands, that wouldn't happen so BP and Esso would put their prices up to compensate for the lack of sales, and the other companies could follow suit to stay close to the competition. The reverse of what we want to happen.

At the moment, the only thing out there that seems to be doing anything and going about it the right way is who are working with Quentin Wilson to try and:
1) stop the rise in april
2) get the promised fair fuel stabiliser put in place to bring the cost of fuel down

Quentin and FairFuelUK have already visited downing street once already (which did get some news coverage) and are planning to go back soon to deliver the first batch of signed petitions. If you want to see the price go down, the best chance we have is this. I know a lot of people think that petitions don't work, which may well be true, but it only takes 1 minute to fill in, so is worth a try, and as this one has the involvement of a TV personality (Top Gear & 5th Gear, an more) it is likely to generate more media coverage and therefore more support. So if you want to help, 5 minutes is all you need to
1) sign the petition
2) write to your local MP showing your concern for the price and support for the cause
Details of both things can be found on their homepage.
deisel here in Poole is now ?1.33.9 a litre. When I started the driving school, I could work the corsa for a week on ?40. Now its ?55 a week. It does hurt. But how about an electric car? Range 90 odd miles, did over 100 today! No clutch, so no hill starts, B#gger it, will have to stay with deisel! Thought about filling the Day van .... and thought again! Then filled the Jeep, ?35, and its lpg!!!!
Sent a letter to my local MP and the reply I got was .....

Dear Mr. Gardner,

Thank you for your message.

Of course, I understand your concerns entirely. The price of fuel impacts on all of us, directly and due to the knock-on effect on the cost of living generally.

Because of the parlous state of public finances , the decision was taken to increase VAT and it is recognised that this, coupled with the recent increases in fuel duty instigated by the previous Government, has put increased pressure on motorists and businesses. In recognition of this, the Chancellor of the Exchequer asked the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) to undertake an assessment of the effect of oil price fluctuations on the public finances and the possibility of a fair fuel stabiliser. The Treasury is now considering this assessment and will take a decision in the Budget on 23rd March. Any fuel duty announcements are also a matter for the Budget.

I am very pleased that the Government is looking into the possibility of stabilising fuel prices and look forward to the Chancellor making an announcement.

Yours sincerely,

Damian Hinds
Haha typical politicians answer, not actually stating where the lie on the matter and if they will be pushing the chancellor towards a stabiliser at a decent rate as that's what their constituents want. They also didn't say if they'd support the fairfueluk cause.

I'm quite lucky really, the letter I got back was pretty positive saying that they think the cost of fuel is too much, so will be urging the chancellor to at very least not add any more duty to fuel and that they support the cause