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Quite a but of dust on the T/A yesterday. Pushed it out to do the ceiling insulation and back in again when complete. I know dust will reduce once the ceiling is up and walls and floor painted. I ordered an indoor car cover from https://autocovers.co.uk/shop/?make=Pontiac&model=Firebird&years=2000&body=Coupe&submit=FIND
They even had the Firebird listed.
Would be great to stop the dust collecting on the car, if all good I will probably get one for the Camaro too.

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Wow alot of money. I brough a cloth like car cover in grey soft onesie and like a tarpuline tuoe material on other extra large was 39quid.


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I have used the carcraft covers for many years. Currently using the Noah model for good weather protection when outside and good knock and bump protection when inside.

I had one for my 4th gen TA, I had one for the Vette and the Challenger has one too (fitted both my 09 and the 18).
They are good but you must be careful not to trap dirt between the car and the paint.
I’m just about to change mine, for something new.
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Wow, quite pricey but it seems you do get what you pay for where car covers are concerned. I recently bought a budget one to cover the Firebird in the garage over the winter. It is mainly for dust protection, but I do see the odd drip of condensation and the air in there can be quite damp over winter.
Anyway, I bought one on eBay. It was only about £12, which I thought should be fine for what is effectively indoors. It fits OK and was listed on eBay as being waterproof. But it turns out it isn't at all..water goes straight through it! Also, despite the seller coming up in a UK only search, it turns out they are in Hong Kong!
After several messages, including them asking me for a video proving it wasn't waterproof (which they damned well know it isn't), I got a full refund.
Some of the Chinese eBay sellers are so dishonest!


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I often buy things on eBay(first thing I brought was the TA). Narrowing down the search to UK only you checkout then realise the shipping time of 3-4 weeks as its coming from China. Been a little more careful and avoiding these. I did buy the gasket sealent for the sump on the TA expecting it to be in the UK it actually came from Romania. You can report these people but nothing to stop them starting up again. Can be frustrating, I do use Amazon, it depends what I'm buying, you have to be really careful with that checkout system else you will be signed up to Amazon prime and only way to cancel is to phone the USA Amazon as teo people I know got caught up with that.