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A free app has been developed to run the forum on your phone, not been able to try it myself due to phone type. This can keep you up to date with events. Easy to amend info while we are at club night. Say if we were meeting up the hill, to go on a cruise, we could blog on the forum where we are off to, so if someone wanted to join in they know the path.

Feel free to give it ago. A version for iPhone should be ready tomorrow.
I am waiting for the iphone one :)

I thought you would be. I saw you with the iPhone, so thought its a good idea to get the iPhone app installable.
Trying to sort it out with Apple at the mo, as where I have changed address it created confusion for them.
Im just waiting for an i phone lol !! and I know you two above are waiting for this so just for your benefit "What is an android phone", is it one that makes and takes calls for you ??lol xx
"What is an android phone", is it one that makes and takes calls for you ??lol xx
It looks a little like R2D2 from Star wars, can even make the tea, and does BBQ's.

Its basically the operating system on the phone, a bit like you computer runs Windows XP. My phone isn't quite that advanced and runs a Symbian operating system, so I cant try out the forum application on the phone :(. maybe next year when I get a phone upgrade.
I remember when symbian was a good little OS, back before Nokia got it's hands on it, and the only alternatives was Palm and a very poor WinCE. I did like my little Psion.

Must say, I can't see me changing from iOS for the forseeable future, droid is not very well written, slow and buggy.
I need an Apple Mac to upload the code. I've signed up to be an IOS developer, but looks like i now need a Mac to do this. argggh... :(
I got the iPhone app :)


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Thanks for sorting that Steve. (Steve has a mac and has uploaded the app for me, he has been a great help, I was even looking at Mac's on eBay to get this forum on an iPhone)

The App will be in the Apps store soon, and its free, it will be called 'SR Car Club', at the moment its being checked by Apple.
ooo how exciting. We sure are keeping up with the times eh!
I think were going to try and convince my work we need mac pros, can't see them stumping up the ?10,000 for the real nice ones. I'd probably wait until they release one with thunderbolt though :)

-- Edit --

make that over ?12,000

12core processor (2 x 6core @ 2.93Ghz), 64GB ram, 512GB solid state primary drive, raid controller, 2x 2TB drives running in raid - so 2TB storage, ATI 5870 graphics card, and dual displays. I bet that wouldn't have struggled with the 3D work I was doing yesterday, I should imagine the render that took 20 mins on my PC (dual core 2.66Ghz, 6GB ram) would have taken less than a minute on that beast of a machine.
Jeez when you were talking about iphone and Android i knew what was going on but when snow leopards, rams and other numbers and letters came into it, you lost me!!
Can we please go back to talking dizzys and alternators as i know where i am at with all that. :)
I am thinking about making a Blackberry & Windows 7 phone app if anyone is interested in donating a blackberry and windows 7 phone for development and testing let me know.