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Just to let you all know that Malc, Fran & Jo all arrived safely in America. I have just received a text from Fran to say that they are at Gracelands and it is amazing. Lets hope they take loads of piccies for us to see.
Hi all
Sorry about the delay but the internet conection yesterday was just not happenin! So here it is yes we have arrived as Tracey said we have spent the whole day at gracelands and it was great and very moving.
Hope to give you updates of our cruise as long as we can find an internet hookup. Sounds like the cruise was not one to miss and the video is great.
Our next cruise is a 2 day cruise up to Catoosa to the blue whale where we will start Route 66.

Renegades Regards from Memphis!!!!!!!!!
Jo,Malc and Fran are now leaving the building!
Thank you very much !! Thats my Elvis impression.

Very jealous. Wish i was with you. Sounds like you are having a great time x
Hi all
Right where do we start. Had high winds on way to Fort Smith then hail stones the size of golf balls in Joplin (now have lots of dents on the car) and then we started Route 66.
Catoosa saw the blue whale even walked in his mouth, dodged tornados and ghosts in Texola Oklahoma and then moved on down to Texas only to find wild fires everywhere. It didn't stop the fun and enjoyment we stopped at the Big Texan Steak House and stayed in motel there we didn't get to ride in the limo as we only had to walk across the car park!! However the motel was very cowboyish.
Moved on to Cadillac Ranch saw the 10 Caddys nosed into the dirt and we found some paint so put a tribute to the Renegades on one (Tracey has the picture)
Mid point cafe just had to stop for some creme pie and boy was it goooood!!!!!!!
We are now in Albuquerque for a two day stop planning on going to Santa Fe shopping tomorrow.

Sounds like Wheels Day was fantastic trust us to miss a sunny one bound to be raining next year.

Happy Easter
Jo, Malc, Fran
Hi all
Just to let you know we have arrived safely in Vegas. We have driven on the longest part of Route 66 down some very interesting roads and through towns that we didn't know even existed. As for our accommodation it has ranged from nice comfy hotel rooms to concrete wigwams.
We missed the tornados luckily enough we did that stretch last week. Now just enjoying the 90 degree sunshine.

See you all soon

Jo, Malc and Fran

ps we are just off to see cirque du soleil doing viva elvis
Thank goodnes you are all safe, have been really worried about you and the tornados, enjoy the rest of your holiday, have fun and be safe xxxx
Just got back from Elvis and it was brilliant oh and Jan what are you doing up this early???
Getting ready for the onslought of renegades in my garden this afternoon, been up since 6 cooking quiches etc lol xxx
Sounds like you're having a great time Malc, I hope I get to do the Historic Route 66 one day as it sounds amazing. I hope you're taking lots of pictures along the way.

Mummy Jan, lets hope the weather holds out. I won't be on the cruise, but will see you this afternoon after Maddie finishes work.
Yes we have taken lots of pictures Darren and i might have to get you to put some on here for me. May need to buy extra suitcase to bring back all the trainers and boots we have bought.
Hope the weather held out for the renegades in the garden bash figured you were up early to either go out or cook lots Jan.

See you all soon
we are back home Monday night

jo, Malc and Fran
hey malc fran n joe all i can say is yeha! know where ya been know where you are my sky sat picked you up yesterday, man that is a big dent on front right wing, and love the hat joe, have fun guys see ya soon, loving the low down on trip,
Very nice piccys there. So many old cars and looks like they are in pretty good nick, maybe some surface rust, but not big holes like we would have over here.