Jackass 3


Jackass 3 is coming out on November 5th at cinemas. Having seen the first 2 i know how funny they are and i'm sure this one is in 3D so even funnier. Not sure how long it will show for ... but maybe we could arrange to do this as a group at Port Solent where parking is free maybe orange Wednesday... plus a quick drink before or after...
what does anyone think ? Overs 18's only !
Personally i am not a fan of these movies but maybe others will be interested. Why don't you see if you can organise something :)
i will wait till it comes out on tv ^^
Sounds like a good idea. I'm tempted by the idea of a tub of popcorn all to myself (expecially when they offer a go large option), with it being orange wednesday could work out a little cheaper too.
What is an orange wednesday ??? What colour is friday or if it comes to that the rest of the week ???
I'm shocked, I go to the cinema about twice a year, if that, and even I know what orange wednesdays are. Jan, you've missed out on some fantastic advertising.




If your mobile is on orange network you can have code sent on Wednesday for 2 for 1 cinema tickets. Or if not on orange get a friend who is to send you a code.
I'm on Orange :)
Although only one code allowed per orange customer.
Dont be shocked Darren, you dont know me well enough yet hun, I am the one who thought the Falkland Islands were off the top of Scotland lol By the way the blonde comes out of a bottle ha ha xxxx
Thankyou Sally and Dan, Darren your little video thingys were lovely except my computer is set to mute and as I have no idea how to change that, and I cant lip read like my daughter but the pictures were lovely ha ha xx As you are now probably aware Im not very computer literate, Steve wont let me near his laptop for obvious reasons but I get by lol xxx