Port Solent Car Meet

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The show is held in the car park in front of the Cinema at Port Solent. It has been getting bigger each month. A great venue, laid back atmosphere, and a good variety of cars & trucks. Limits are 20 years or older for Classics, or any age American vehicle.

The event is twice a month. the 2nd Sunday and the last Sunday of the month. The facebook page for the events are:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/portsolentcarmeet/

Also and extra date on boxing Day.
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Anything other than Facebook page - seeing as though we are trying to get away from it lololol
Nope, the organiser only has a Facebook page, so grabbed all the details from it so we don't have to visit the link.
They also do a boxing day show too. I'll find out times etc.. And get that listed.
Port solent is now back on, they had a huge gathering last Sunday.
Port Solent on this Sunday, 2nd and last Sunday of each month starting back up again.
Is that allowed . there was organised meet at b&q saturday that got shut down cos of more than 30 people
Wow almost as popular as those 2door mondeos
Is anyone going tomorrow??? I might be able make it as one of my neighbours has an older Rover and we are thinking of coming in tandem so he can help me get Lily back in the garage after 😂. He is just checking with Wifey that he is allowed to come out and play
Ah, sorry I didn't pop on the forum sooner. I totally forgot about Port Solent today.

Did you go? was it a good turnout?
It was a really good turnout! A really nice mix of vehicles. Just gutted as after I left a green 69 charger showed up. Would loved to have had a pic of Lily next to it being green new and old
Firebirds were there again plus a big mustang turnout
Weathing looking okay, could be a good turn out.

I'll be popping down there today. Chat with Malc about End of Season show, weather we do one or not etc..
do you mean this ?
Yep, thats the one. Very nice isn't it.