Got things to do.....


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....but no weather to do them!
The Sebring has worn rear top mounts and I have complete strut assemblies ready to swap in. Wheels off and then 4 bolts each side, but I’m continually being defeated by the weather. There is a also a box containing serpentine belts, tensioners, idler pullies and few other bits in the garage that I need to do at the same time.
I don’t really have garage setup to work in there yet, insufficient lighting but I think I’m going to have rely on a portable work light and torches and just get it done.
Fortunately I managed a coolant flush on it a few weeks back so the worry of a sudden cold snap has been removed.
I guess that’s my Sunday planned out, well at least the strut assemblies.
What’s is everyone else up to car wise?


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Once my garage is done, feel free to use the space I have. I know its along way to go. I'm sure it will be handy for others too.


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The weather can be a real pain when you need to get stuff done...on cars or otherwise. As I've probably said before, we could all do with a place like Darnell's from the movie Christine... But without a Satanically possessed Plymouth Fury lol