Got a record score at bolwing last night.


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Usually I may get around 120ish. My best was about 146. Last night I got this.
I was well chuffed grinning ear to ear with a score of 208.
Strike, Spare, Strike, Strike, Strike, Spare, Strike, Spare, 9, Strike, Strike, 7
I think it was just luck. I had a few drinks of Jack so I can thank that.
Superb!!!! We'll have to arrange a night for the renegades to go soon!
Yeah sounds good, but dont expect me to ever do that score again.
we'll ask at next club nite or put it in den?
i'd be up for renagades bowling nite
Hi Renegades,

Sounds like a date, i will discuss at the next club meet about a bowling nite.Perhaps we can leave it til October we normally aim for this time of year after the show season and then we get into winter activities.Our bowling nites are always well recieved and for those of you that havent been before we always have a loud shirt nite for the boys.

Watch this space!

Tally Ho Chocks Away! Superb!
Sounds good to me. I'm up for it, I have a red shirt with palm trees on it, just right for the loud shirt competition. Dont worry about my score that wont happen again, and besides i wont have the Jack Daniels on my side as I'll be driving.
Oi Steve if i remember rightly even us girls wore loud shirts last time.
Alan gonna smack you, you know why cos you told me too!!!
Dan i am so gonna be on your team and how on earth did you have the energy to go bowling last night????
Darren i am no good either especially the 2nd game as i feel like my arms are gonna drop off.

I love going bowling even if i sit and watch!!! Lets organise for October like Steve said. My birthday happens to fall on a Saturday in Oct (23rd) and i don't have any plans yet!!!! hint hint!!!!
Just came across this old thread. Went bowling again tonight, but got no where near that score, I got 132.