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Weather been pretty poor this weekend. Lets hope its better weather for the breakfast club:-
December 6th 2009.

What are members doing about meeting arrangements. A27 little chef services, to leave there at 9am. Also an earlier group meeting at 8am. If people are going what time are you aiming to meet at?
Sadly I wont be able to make this one. I'm off to Devon to see the Grandparents that weekend.
Theme for this one is 'Anything goes'. So I guess you can turn up in anything that has appeal.
Hi, Are many of you hoping to go to Goodwood next weekend?

I'm still annoyed that the weather was awful for the last one!!

How was the aces cafe event? Did anyone go up? I was looking at going up but the damn car was still playing silly buggers!!

Fingers crossed for this weekend :)
I didn't go up to Ace Cafe. I know a few people said they were going. dont know how it panned out in the end.

Hope you get your car sorted soon.
I will go to the Goodwood Brakefast Club... providing it isn't pouring with rain like it was for the last one!

Is anyone else thinking of going ?
Thinking being the operative word here.........Like you Will, depends on the weather. Not looking good at the moment.
i'll be going over , the weather can't be any worse than it was for the last one !

last month there was still a big turnout , but everyone got wet and left by about 10.30 .....shame , could have been one of the best brekkie clubs of the year .

I have been checking the weather and it might not be too bad, well when i say not too bad, there will be rain but it should clear up by 9ish.

What time to the gates open?
I think the gates open quite early, 7 or 7:30 something like that. If I go, I will aim to get there around 9 ish.
Cool, I'm starting to look forward to it, it will be my first time at Goodwood :)

I'm going to be on the case of asking people to pose for me again !! :)

I'll bring that cd for you with the photo's - hopefully get some more for you tom....
Sorry Guys, I didn't sleep well last night (Tooo much coffee). Might take me car out lunchtime - Ish if the roads dry out a bit.
How did goodwood turn out today?
left in the rain , but arrived at goodwood with blue sky and sunshine ( after avoiding the big puddles on the way !)

it was anything goes day ,so there was a very mixed bag of motors on display. ferrari, lambo, masarati, amg mercs, a handfull of yanks including some nice mustangs and a fiftys buick, minis , british tin , etc etc

one guy was brave enough to turn up in a custom painted aeriel atom.

also the wacky racers full size cars were on site ( specially built for the festival of speed ) and also the full size drivers including dick dasterdley and penelope pitstop , not bad for a car show in december !!
Joe, myself and Jack went along with the Mini. A good turnout, and as Droopy says, especially for December! Below are a few pics...and check out the blue skies. I would not have believed that looking at the weather first thing on Sunday morning!



Hi Ade

Good to see you on the forum mate, the weather was pretty good today you will have to let me know how it went at Goodwood for those of you that made it.Wil you are a diamond with the camera, nice pics and your mini looked Superb! well done mate.

Cheers Superb!
Blimey, you would never have guessed that was the same car, what a result. Looks stunning, I really like that colour.
Many years ago I have my 3rd Gen Firebird painted the same/simular colour to that. It a nice effect when the sun reflects off of the paint where you get purply streaks.


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Hi Superb.

Thanks for the comments mate, but the credit goes to Joe... He took the pictures on his phone!
Hope to see y'all tomorrow night people.