Firebird Spotted on TV


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So you all my know I enjoy watching murder type shows, and working from home Discovery ID is on all day in the background. Today my ears heard 'Firebird'

The owner was a delightful human, killing a couple and during the whole trial apparently the only thing he responded to was a photo of his Firebird ?

The first photo was actually his...


And this was the one the car used in the reconstruction....


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What was the film called????


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It was The Perfect Murder.

Clearly it wasn't perfect as he got locked up.

The murder was in 1999 if that helps with the car?


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Its an earlier style 4th gen so 93-97.
The nose cone was IIRC only used on Formula’s and TA’s but the TA had the high rise spoiler (like Dans).
The exception were euro spec TA’s that for some reason featured the low spoiler.
A base Firebird had a different nose?
All from memory so could easily be wrong!

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is SWMNBO looking for ideas again ???????????????????????? lol


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Depends wat swmnbo going to use as the hard-core base for patio lol ???????