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For a couple of months I have been mining the Cryto currency Ethereum (ETH). There are hundreds of currencies, and ETH is 2nd most popular.
I followed the information on to get set up.

There will be changes to this currency in the next few months, where the revenue from mining will drop. When that happens I'll move onto the next profitable. The value of the currency may go up or down at that point.

I have 8 GPUs in the rig.

Added 12 more fans today.

24 fans now, 12 at the bottom blowing air in. It then goes up the back, and then 12 fans pull air out the front over the GFX cards.

I'm running at 650mh/s across all the 8 GPUs. Its drawing around 1700watts.

Cranked it up earlier just for mo. Cant keep it at this speed as the RTX3070 will get hasing errors. Almost 700mh/s. So glad to be over 600mh/s.
This is curenntly making around 1.02ETH per month.

All good fun. I should really be working on the Camaro. Now the rig is stable, and I'm happy with the new fans. I can get on with a few other jobs, and the Camaro is on the list.