End of Season Show18th Sept 2010 - The Farmhouse Portsmouth.


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Leaflet for our end of Season Show.

Click on image to open, then click on image again to open full size, 2000pixels x 2800. Quality that can be sent to the printers.

Please pass this around.
Great poster......Shame the date may change now! As our illustrious leader would say........Superb!!!
What I'll do is create every possible date on a leaflet and we could just pick one.
We have to make sure the dinner truck is available that day.
I think Pete is going to ring Derek and find out but Superb needs to check with the Farmhouse too that they can do the 26th as well
Well we had it all under control until last night. Don't worry you won't miss out x
So just to reiterate The show is at the Farmhouse on 18th September still right?!
Thats right. We will confirm everything at club tonight and update on forum for those that can't make it.
I'm looking forward to it. I should be there for there whole day.
Its always a good show there and if we are there all day lets hope the rain stays away. Mind you at least we have the pub to hibernate in.
I tend to get a wet seat when it rains, have a leaky window. Was going to sort it out in the summer, but never got round to it.
Thats okay Darren, just drill some holes in the boot!!!!!! lol
Hi Renegades

We are going to have a good show on Saturday i am really looking forward to it. Lots happening and i hope the weathers is on our side.Be prepared cause i think things are going to be busy but if we keep our heads about us and dont panic.What will be will be and fingers crossed like always everything will go without a hitch,we are getting rather good at putting on shows now.

Renegades never panic we are too busy having fun, always!! Superb!
crackin show guys n gals well done
hi all just to say what a great day myself and my daughter had yesterday at the end of season show great atmosphere great people ,great cars everyone so friendly and welcoming ,like we have known you all years a special thanks to melc who fixed it for my daughter to go in trans am dans car she loved it special thanks to trans am dan for taking her ,you made her day ,allso special thanks to tracey, h , mummy jan ,aide, melc,paul.your all great people and always make me welcome see you all tonight . also met some other great people but can not reemember everyones names .
It was a great day and not a bad turnout considering there was so much more going on what with Isle of Wight & Goodwood. Weather yet again was on our side and that helps a lot. Thank you to all the bands for their time however i am with you Mark about the singing. More practice required for next time please!!!!
It was also nice to make some new friends so thank you to Tina & Michelle for coming all the way from Liverpool & Reading to spend the day with us.
Really enjoyed the show, meeting people and generally enjoying ourselves. I give Steve 10 out of 10 for getting up there and doing his bit, well done soups, looking forward to Alton on Saturday, should be a good day, xx