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matt 103

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Hi Guys n Gals

anyone wanting to come see this at the weekend was think either sat or sun which ever is best for u guys . Was thinkin maybe at the odeon port
solent . I have a price list i can bring to club nite 2moro but i think we'll have to book . which i can go over and do wednesday evening if you guys are happy for me to do and wanna give me ya money not a prob . See ya'll tomoro . we also need to decide 3d or 2d ??????

cheers matt

keep the shiny side up
Port Solent would be good as you don't have to pay for parking plus they have a special offer on called a Filmfeast.

This includes a:
• soft drink
• popcorn
• yummy choice of snack
• 'Cars 2' cup and figurine

All for only ?3.50.

Alternatively a 'Cars 2' cup and figurine can be purchased separately for only ?1.50.

I know Jo wanted to go and H & I would prefer to go Saturday so we need to see what time finishes at the shop Sat to see if we can go about 6ish i guess. Anyways i would probably have seen you before you read this anyways!!!
Am I a bit late for this? Maddie and I would love to see Cars 2 too, maybe Saturday. I'm up for anywhere too, I just prefer Gunwharfe because the car sounds good in the carpark :lol:
hi darren
i've just text you details on this one mate
we're goin to port solent sunday for the quarter to 4 show . may need to book mate