Car Town


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I know there are a couple of Renegades on Car Town (Facebook), which is a fun little game. Just so you know we're being represented in the virtual world too ;)

Looks interesting. Have just joined it.
Wow, its a bit addictive isn't it.
Only just on level 6. Have tried to race people but its waiting for them to race back to find out if I have won or not. I think i have put in a race to you Darren. Its a bummer when work gets in the way isn't it.
you 2 are lucky you can get on facebook at work XD i have webmarshal blocking me from getting on it :(
Yeah, work getting in the way is a pain, far too many distractions getting in the way from having fun.

Jack, webnazi is a pain. Luckily where I work for a small company, I have my regular job and I'm also the network administrator, so even if there was web usage logging, I'd be the one doing it anyway... and I can't really be bothered to do it. It is fun blocking peoples computers web access every so often though ;)
im an admin where i work, but not the main one. so i cant access the webnazi. i dont understand the nazi either to be fair. but hey. i can still get on here, a few games and a few other sites
I've spent around 3 hours in car town now. opps.
Oh no now Dan can race his car from the comfort of his desk!. I joined too but not had a chance yet as some of us have been doing things for the show like hunting down plasticy laminate sheets and membership forms & flyers etc etc etc.
my cumstom paint job im lvl 17lol
Wow my little pinto looks so plain. I need to get to work cos i want chequered floors & juke boxes too !
How long did it take to get to level 17?
Oh my god this game is adictive, i've just wasted nearly 2 hours playing it!!!!
not too long dam fack book games there to adictive well i have a lot to do tonignt programming skins for are game thats going to take me 4+hr's lol
Just done a race, and got perfect in all aspects with an '08 Doge RAM, got something like 4700 points.

It is addictive, I must have a go at the custom paint. All of my cars are plain at the moment.
I'm not far behind you Darren. :whistling: