Added a new Media Area


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A new section has been added today. Its on the menu bar, along with Home / Forum/ Garage etc.. Its called Media

We did have a section called media before but it was a little old looking. I've just brought a different style one and implemented it. You can easily link videos into this section from Youtube. It streams the videos from Youtube, so it dosn't use up the bandwidth of our website. Its a little easier to navigate than before, and looks far better in my opinion.
Disabled at the moment, so I can look into something.
Reenabled at the mo, seems to be funtioning okay.It was stuck in an infinate redirect loop before.
Still got this infinite loop going on from click on the Media tab, its not a quick easy fix, but I am looking into it.
You can get past the look into the media area by clicking on this link.
Hi Dan,

I've noticed that if you go to the Videos / Pictures section in the regular forum categories (rather than clicking the media button or the direct link above) and try to watch a video by clicking the play or watch buttons, it displays a permissions warning.

I definitely get it for this video

It also does it on the tunnel run video which I have watched in the media section before, and I'm guessing it will be the same for all the other videos too.
Hi Darren, it should be okay now. I re enabled all the other plug ins but i missed that one. doh!