ABS light on in my Astrovan 4.3

jon davies

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I have a 1994/5 Chevvy Astrovan 2wd. Since April my ABS light has been on continuously athough in the first few weeks it temporarily went out when I shifted the auto or went over a bump. The brakes are very juddery but that has been a problem since last year(when the light didnt show) so not sure if they are related faults. In April I had to recharge the battery in situ after a 6month SORN lay off and thats when the light came on first. There is no service light showing after the initial start phase.

Have tried disconnecting the battery but thats not reset the computer...also problem is to get a diagnostic mc thats compatible to identify problem.

Really would appreciate any ideas of what the cause could be and / or specialist in the Solent area with diagnostic mc or knowledge about this.
Sure other will be along to help soon,?
Beleave pre 1996 obd2 sockets scan tools were not ,you might have a system that have flashing lights and you have to count them to find the code,ODD1 system

Have you takens the front wheels of and looked at the brakes/sensors? you might have notched wheel type sensor,or pick up sensor on wheel these could be broken?
disc's/pads ok?
when was the brake fluid last changed if over 5 years old would do it anyway as mosture would now have contaminated the fluid.

hope the the above helps or at least points you in the right direction for repair??
Mine used to come on and off for a while but had the sensors cleand off as a bit of rust/dirt can upset them.. One garage just wanted to change the sensors at a cost but me and a mate with brake cleaner mananged to sort it out. As yours has been sat for a while might be worth a go.. and check the wires conectors aswell
I came across this on my travels....

How to Clean Wheel Speed Sensors

There is a common oversight in the maintenance of today's anti-lock braking systems ABS. Speed sensors, located on each rotor or hub of four-wheel disc applications and the differential housing on rear-drum applications, supply information regarding wheel speed to the vehicle's on-board ABS computer. The sensors, being magnets, attract metallic dust. The reference rings, having ridges and slots, become clogged with road grime and brake dust. This will affect the system and cause the ABS malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) to light. The solution: Clean them! A clean rag and some degreasing cleaner is all you need.


  • Jack up the car and place it on jack stands. Remove the tire and wheel, with a lug wrench.
  • Determine whether your vehicle is equipped with an exposed or captive sensor. If the reference ring is visible behind the brake rotor, then you have the exposed type, most common with disc brakes. Concealed sensors are mounted inside the differential housing and do not need cleaning on a regular basis, since they are not exposed to the elements.
  • Using a wrench, remove the sensor from its mounting bracket, taking care to not break the wires.
  • Wipe the tip of the sensor softly, with a clean rag sprayed with degreaser.
  • Clean the reference ring with a stiff, non-metallic brush and degreaser spray. Be sure to rotate the hub and clean the entire ring.
  • Carefully re-install the sensor into its bracket and replace the tire and wheel assembly.
  • Repeat this process for each wheel as appropriate.

Source:- eHow - How to Clean Wheels Sensors
Saleen... Really appreciate your response some very useful ideas.. do you have any names of anyone who does repairs to these kinda vehicles in the solent area
Chatting to a old chap and young lady today:whistle:.. ok members on here at the nationals today if they remember to look at this thread they will pm you ,
Have you looked yourself yet? might be a easy repair?
Did you manage to get this sorted?