Welcome Dell


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Hi there hun, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoyed the firework evenng I know we all did. On a more personal note would just like to thank you for the friendship and support you have shown me and my family over the last few weeks, it means a lot. Thankyou. Take care xx
yes saw your name pop up earlier and thought ahh my mate.
You always look out for me, and myself, Katy and Ash think the world of you.....
more compliments eh Del ! :)
Alrite Del welcome to the wonderful world of the Forum!!!
You are a true friend Dell and we treat you more then a friend, more like a member of the family. I think i am gonna call you Uncle Dell from now on :)
Your emails have kept me going over the last couple of weeks. :)
Wellcome for the forum Dell. Feel free to get posting. If you need a hand with anything there is many of us to help ya.
Hi hun nice to be on here well sat was the best day i have had for a long time chilled or what the support you say i have given is with respect you are like a family to me you will allweays be in my heart & anything i can do i will eake care chin up we will win my heart,love,& prayers are with you DEL X
Hi well uncle Del hi makes me feeel like 1 of the family nice thanks but i have done nothing but be here for you i allways will no matter what you are a family to me helped me through a tough year & i thank you for that i have a lot of respect for what your family as done for me take care chin up big hugs Del x
Hi well thanks for that young ones think im ok well i cant be all that bad look out for you well your part of the family now told you we wont let you sit back nowKaty & Ash are great tell them thanks & as allways here if needed