Website server moving. Less than 1 hour Downtime


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We will be migrating the Web server on Tuesday night around 9pm onwards. This will require an ip change (but this should be the last time we will ever need to do this on a shared server).

We will fully synchronise all the files on the server to the new box. To ensure access databases do not get mismatched we will close the old server, perform a final sync of data, then open the new server. This will lead to a short amount of downtime from 9pm but we hope that will be no longer than an hour or so. If we did it without downtime we would risk data mismatch on access databases which is unnacceptable.

So everything should run smoothly. Most of this will happen while we are at club night.
Due to the size of the websites needing to be moved and time for DNS to opdate, this is now doing to be done from 7.30pm on Wednesday.
It looks like sometihng was creating a CGI Error on some pages. This seemed to emerge from Friday afternoon/Evening, also present Saturday before 8.30am. I'm been looking into this and posted on the webspace providers website, and not the problem seems to have gone. I'll keep an eye on this. If anyone sees it again, let me know.
The problem appears to be server side, as the GCI error has returned. This is being looked into.
PHP has been reinstalled, and it appears to be working.