Trans-Am now needs a clutch


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Well got my rear end sorted. (ooh-err) just waiting to put in the new shafts. Got the old worn ones in the at the mo so i can get around.
I tried to start the car, battery was dead even thought i charged it for ages. got a jump start drove it for a while and still no luck with it holding the charge. Brought a new battery for over ?100. :eeek:
Took a slow drive on the motorway to charge the battery, and if i do 60mph at around 1300 RPM and give it a little more gas hear and see the engine revs go up, but speed dosn't as much. So there is certainly something slipping, it points to the clutch. I've been looking at new ones. I think a nice green one will look nice in the bell housing.

So this is the next thing on the shopping list.
It seems the Bat and Jessica are doomed this year, new alternator new shift cable and now a new starter motor, will it ever end, new rad for Colin and new somethings (not sure what they are called but they cost over ?100) for polly lol xx