There Once Was A.......


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New(ish) Game for us All, The Lymeric Game.... There Once Was...

There Once Was A Woman Called Trace,
Who Brought A Black Mustang To Race,
Last Sunday She Squilled,
As She Spun Her Black Wheels,
And Shot Off Up The Road At A Pace.

Theres the first!!!!!
There once was a young man called Al
Whose buns he wanted to sell
He bought a new shop
Lets hope it dont flop
Cause hes a really good pal is Al !!:chef:
There once was a young man called Matt
Whose battery was everso flat
He drove up the road
The Caddy just slowed
And that was the end of that !:oops:
Well done Mummy they're great!!! Love em!!
I love yours Alan but then you had a fantastic subject. This is mum's thing. She writes alot of poetry so no doubt by the end of the weekend she would have written one for everyone.
Cool lets hope others get involved too??!!

There once was a man called Dan
Who drove a bright red trans-am
He would slogg out his guts
To shine wheels and nuts
And has a loud exhaust cus he can!

No squirrels were killed in the making of this limerick.....Superb!!!!!!!
There once was a car club called Rens
A really good bunch of friends
Our show is on Sunday
Lets make it a funday
Lots of money we,ll make AMEN x:welcome:
There once was a man called Malc
One day flames from under the bonnet he felt
He shooed them away and continued the day
And hoped that no more they would melt!
There once was a lady called Jo
Her day van she wanted to show,
She made it all gleamin
Now California Dreamin
Is set and all ready to go xx:thumbup:
Last one today !!

There once was a young man called Pete
Lethal in the drivers seat
His fuel bill is tragic
For his van Black Magic
But no way will he admit defeat
Thankyou kindly young man, am entertaining a few Rens at mo so will continue tomorrow, !! xx
No worries im entertaining Dominos and Strongbow!!!!!!
today was the day of the show
hope we made lots of doh
but along cam the rain
was such a pain
everyone decide to go
There once was a mummy called Jan,
Who's hubby had a day van,
She's got a Mustang,
Thats gleaming and glam,
But won't eva be noisy like Dan!!
There was a young man called Shaun
Who liked to watch

no no no no no

There was a young man called Shaun
Who got up at the crack of dawn,
To take his CAPRICE to Horndean

Parked up in a field
His SHOWPIECE revealed
But no other car to be seen.
There once was a man called Steve
At home we just couldnt leave
So he came to the Nats
And drove us all bats
And now we,re back home we can breathe !!!

An ode to Superb x
You said it Momma!!!! I am not very good at this sort of thing so will leave it to you professionals!!