Suspension Vs pot hole...Pot hole wins :(


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Hit a pot hole tonight and now my on-board computer is telling me to get The Ride system checked ( think its something to do with the rear Suspension) :cursing: Don,t know if my mate can do it will have to phone him tomorrow along with a call to the Local Highways department :censored:
dam hope you get it fixed easy
The amount of money we pay the government to use the roads, and they still have poor condition, it's disgusting. They should pay to have it fixed!
Oh no thats shocking. Not only is it costly its also inconvenient. Don't go down that road again!!!
Hope its a quick and easy fix too. Particularly anoying to see little effort in repairing potholes and spending time puting down 'dead policemen'.
Road are getting worse. I think we will have to be driving American monster trucks to drive on our roads soon. There was something on the news the other day, although more revenue is being made from road tax these days as more cars on the roads, only a little bit of the money is used for repairs. It would be interesting to know where all the money is going. Its very annoying, I've damaged an alloy and knocked out all my tracking in a pot hole.