Spot the Difference


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Time for a new game. This one is so easy, the title should explain everything, but just for the hell of it, post up 2 pics and say how many differences there are, everyone else has to spot them and say what they are.

Nice easy one to begin with, 1 difference ;)


This is a good game.

One of the cars is missing on the left side of the roundish road.
Yeah i actually moaned to the guide about that car there as it ruined such a good shot. Well done Dan for making it the perfect pic
Wheres my tatt gone?
M on Macdonalds
Mustang on Colin opp way
Nat's number plate upside down
Lightening reflection on blackmagic
Colin's orange lights
Sorry Darren i meant to thank you not Dan for making the perfect pic

Im liking the spot the difference games, keep em coming Renegades.

Cheers Superb! Here's looking forward to the next one.