Speed Cameras


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Lets hope. Will save my tyres as when you spot one the anchors go on. lol. na, I'm not like that. I drive sensibly.
Are we talking about the same Trans am Dan here that i know??? hehe!!
Dan the day you drive your car sensibly is the day I go tee total !!!
I drive like like an :angel:

You guys are making me sounds like a mad man driving. lol I do have limits, wont weave in and out of traffic like the German car drivers tend to do. Like to make a bit of noise now and again. I'm a careful maniac. :TransAM:
And a noisy one, specially on the motorway creeping up on us when I was having a little nap ha ha xx
lol, I remember that.

I will be at club night, flight confirmed to go to Ireland on Wednesday morning. So will see ya all at club night with some milk bottle lids.
Hi Dan

Good news about speed cameras if they get rid of them that will be Superb! By the way Dan you drive your car like you stole it.Lol. But, The Renegades wouldnt have you any other way,you wouldnt be you if you werent waking up the neighbours and setting off car alarms and making excuses why you have to buy yet another set of tyres. Keep up the good work mate, Suuperrrrrrrrb!!!!

Cheers Supe's
:scooter: woop woop! now i can really open up the ped! well, max it out at 50 :dots:
With a new exhaust on it. he was quite happily doing 40mph behind me along the top of the hill.
if it wasnt wet and scary i would have over taken you dan :whistling: maybe in my dreams :scooter:
i need a new rear tire. and i need to tune it a bit so it doesnt die on hills