Spam email and posts


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Every day I get around 30 spam emails via the 'contact us' page. I cant block the email as its comes from the site and would be blocking all email. I could turn off the contact us form, but it is useful for genuine enquiries. I may be able to block IP addresses, but many comes from different addresses. It could be robots filling in the form and posting rubbish, which I may be able to block with human verification, however it could quite easily be a human with nothing better to do that post rubbish.

We are also seeing mass posts when we look in 'Whats New', these are from robots/'people with nothing better to do' signing up, verifying their email address and then posting lots of rubbish. When I see these I can delete and block that username/ip address along with removing all the posts they made.

This has mainly happened over the last month. It seems to be constant, not getting worse, but I'll need to keep an eye on it. Maybe a forum update will cure it, but I'd be more concerned with updating, as it causes more problems than it fixes.


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I think you need a captcha or other form of identifying it’s a human on both the contact page and sign up page.
If it cuts the spam by 50% it’s probably worth doing.


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Just please don't pick the one where you have to "select the traffic lights" etc etc etc - I hate that!